Bossboss! (bossboss) wrote in allsaintsx6,

Face Lifting x6

So this isn't going to be easy! Tomorrow I'm in a meeting with Mr Melloy to sort out what we are doing in X6! So far in the Kitty there is £35 from Sam, Neil (I think) and my self. I won't accept any more than £10 off of anyone, £5 was agreed as a min, though some people can't quiet get that so I've put in some extra to cover for them. If everyone pulls together in X6 then we should have enough cash to get the paint! The door and Lock will be sorted out after half term! I'm also going to talk to Barry about the £10 levy and whether you have to pay or not, since I'm refusing since I feel I've put in enough along with many others, and refuse to get bent over by him! If he does make us all pay this £10 than expect me to ditch the Head Boy spot and allow others to take it!
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