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Misfits and loving it!

The criminals

For the kids of x6
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♠ ♣ Welcome to X6! ♣ ♠

Things that represent X6 are:

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring banana phone!


Guns N' Roses -- Sweet Child O' Mine
Relient K -- We Are The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
Raffi -- Banana Phone
Fall Out Boy -- Sugar, We're Going Down
Black Eyed Peas -- My Humps
Village People -- YMCA
Wham! -- Jitterbug

The X6 mascot!

The X6 mascot! :D

Click here for pictures!

Click here for videos!

If you have anymore videos then pass them on to beyonddreams
avoiding lessons, avoiding teachers, ball pools, banana phone, being close, being different, being late, being together, blackness, bouncing, broken fire exit, cherryade panda pop, chocolate, couples, cricket, disconnected plumbing, forbidden anything really, forbidden hugs, friends, going into town, good friends, good music, graffiti, guitars, guns n roses, having so many friends, head boy, hot chocolate, ipods, jumping, karaoke, kay's office, kinder surprise eggs, loud music, macdonalds, magic the gathering, making friends, mario carts, mortal kombat ii, mrs rav, nintendo, no homework, no uniform (kind of), not repainting, pepsi, phones, pirate snap, rav, red lights, rock music, shit head, singing, skipping lessons, sleeping, sleeping in, so much homework!, sometimes bad music, speed, stealing tvs, street fighter, stuff and things, subway, tea, team dave, team gary, the art wall, the cinema room, the emo kid, the ram, the shop, things and stuff, toad, tv, watching films, x6, year 12, year 13, yoshi, young love